The Soldiers


She wears her chiffon and pearls

Clutches her bosom

Holds back the fear, the falling tear

The next parting was near

The world thought their life was a song and a dance

A drink too many

A life too merry

It was all that….

When it wasn’t blood and gore

When he wasn’t sore

From lying in ditches

In the heat, the freezing cold

Until he felt he was too old

To carry the burden of friends who died

In front of his eyes

The splattered brains, the cold bodies

The senseless never ending strife

The battle within and without

The war for peace

Or was it for a ‘piece’ of land

He did not talk about the ‘kills’

When people asked, just to get thrills

He walked in, held her tight

She held back tears, giggled awhile

It was time to party

Before they parted

Later there would be

The wait for the ‘strength 3’ call

The stilted messages

The unspoken words

Everything was classified

Those could wait, they could not be late….

The band played, the waiters served

Soldiers and their wives twirled

Each moment savored

Glasses clinked, treats devoured

Today was all they had

Before he left to protect the motherland

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