The tale of two angels

  • Two ladies who have been coming to me in the hospital for over two decades…..the first is Chandro, the second is also called Chandro!!! It means ‘moon’… is really appropriate as they light up other’s lives in times of darkness and despair. Since my childhood, I have associated certain human names with similar traits……for example, the name Saroj meant a person who has suffered a tragedy…..One of these ladies was married off when she was a teen to a much older man (her deceased sister’s husband) and brought up his children, while looking after him, his parents and his much older brother. The other had glaucoma in both eyes and has been partially blind for most of her life…….they do not have excess money/ power/ facilities/ comforts…..yet I have never seen them frown even once, as they have brought one relative/ neighbour after another, helping all the people around them to get well, to get medical treatment. They have formed alliances of women who have nobody…..who come to them as a group, to receive any help they can get….may their kind keep spreading kindness wherever they go….They are an inspiration…

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