Things that make me go uuuggghhhhhh

Hmmmm…..Ok, to the people who think I’m always grinning, with my head in the clouds, in an alternate reality….You are right!!!!!

But some things do annoy me, and stop the silly grinning for a moment. Since I keep on about my favourite things, it’s time to speak about things that make me go uugghhh……

  1. People texting on their phones at parties or social events….If you are that busy, don’t bother to attend
  2. Children who wear a lot of make up…enough said
  3. Inner wear peeking out of the outer wear…keep it in
  4. People who are cruel to animals
  5. People who are cruel to children and other people less privileged than them
  6. Shameless plagiarism or incessant copy and paste…..I want to know how you think, no matter how boring you may think you would sound
  7. Favouring a son, while ignoring a daughter
  8. Children who scream in movie theaters, while the parents ignore them, the kids are not at fault, the parents are
  9. Maids who look after kids,  and are brought along uninvited at functions. People go to the extent of taking maids on foreign tours, which maybe great, except that the maid is made to sleep in the same room as the employers!!!!
  10. A man who boasts of men being forced to cheat on their partners because it’s a man thing
  11. Parents who hit their kids or abuse them
  12. Partners who hit their better halves in public, I guess some are into violence, if it’s consensual, keep it private…or get a psychiatric consultation
  13. People who always make their friends pay at restaurants for them, and go to the washroom when the bill arrives, instead of outright asking the other to pay
  14. The gropers and stalkers, pedophiles and rapists
  15. Those who crib non-stop, and those who ill treat their elders                                                    Of course, those who are saccharine over -the-top sweet, praise a little too much, while they criticize those not present………Time to shrug off the pests and focus on the great people and wonders around us…:) Cheers, life is short, nobody has a perfect life, enjoy it while you can.

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