Thriving in winter….shake your bootie

The mercury has dipped in many parts of the world. Enjoy the cold and fog as you have no other option if you are working. Here is what works for me…

  1. Eat more, your body is burning more calories. Peanuts, almonds, walnuts, soups, grilled vegetables, meat, spinach, chocolates….indulge 🙂
  2. Get your North Face booties now…..they are the best way to keep the cold out….as they can be worn indoors….comfortable and light, they give instant warmth……
  3. Exercise after a warm up keeps you healthy and happy.
  4. Cover up in layers. The new age heatgen inners are available at MS….I have no financial interest in any product but they are amazing.
  5. Pure wool and one size larger clothes trap your body heat and keep you warm.
  6. Down feather jackets and quilts make it worth it to live in the cold.
  7. Hot drinks like spicy or masala tea, coffee, mulled wine, hot chocolate taste best in the cold. 
  8. Woollen socks, mufflers, shoes, boots and caps are most effective.
  9. Drive only as much as is necessary.
  10. Soak in whatever sunlight you get.
  11. Heat the washroom before using it. This is the MOST important way to be healthy as exposure while bathing etc is the most common reason for falling ill.
  12. Don’t forget to cuddle….:)                                                                                                                                Have Fun……Brrrrrrring it on )

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