To Bee or not to Bee….

The flowers in our garden attract a wide variety of insects, butterflies, peacocks and cats. I have already written about the majestic peacocks, though the other visitors are important for the garden as well. 


Spot the bee!!!! it is hugging the Nargis plant, while it’s wings are still in motion. 



Within seconds, it flew to a sunflower. The bees carry out the function of pollination, vital for the survival of plants. Next time you see one, do not panic or run, it is not interested in you at all, since humans are devoid of nectar…Alas!!!!!

There are other bees and insects which are regular visitors and choose the plants they visit. The other bee we get in out garden is the Plaster bee…I think….

IMG_4295 IMG_4296

You can actually see the nectar leaving and the pollen hitching a ride….Butterflies are difficult to photograph with the phone as they fly away too fast….I don’t care how much pollination they do, they are delightful…


I’m not fond of strays, but this cat is persistent and stubborn, it looks like a tiny tiger cub.


None of the insects or animals were created to harm humans, so just bask in the sun and let them enjoy the bounty of nature with you….

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