Touch-me-not plant

While I am ecstatic and widening my horizons every day in a land I am living in for the first time, some memories are being triggered by seeing places and things that remind me of my wonderful childhood. One of the plants I was fascinated by as a child……………is the touch-me-not plant or Mimosa pudica. My parents had shown me this plant as a child and I never tired of gingerly touching just one leaf a day so that the plant would not be harmed and I would still witness a miracle. This plant goes by many names..shy, shrinking, bashful plant. The pretty pink flowers look fragile and beautiful. Imagine my unadulterated joy at seeing this plant growing wild in the never ending meadows near our home…………..Apparently this is mechanism to protect it from grazing animals.


The inward folded leaves……………….

DSC03998 DSC03999

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