Traffic jam!!!…reactions vary

it’s that time of the year….festival time……it seems like the whole world is on the road… is how people react….

  • The Honkers…they are the creators of noise pollution, it serves no purpose
  • The Inch-ers…they inch their way into a lane
  • The Yellers…they yell at the people, the cars and the lights
  • The Switch-ers..they switch between lanes
  • The Chauffeurs…..they are paid to maintain their composure
  • The Readers and Callers….they read, call, text
  • The Masters…..those who have drivers and are not necessarily affected
  • The Rushers….they are late for an appointment/ flight and they honk, they inch, they yell, they switch 
  • The Watchers….they get out of their cars and watch everyone!!

And then there is my Mom….once when we were stuck and I almost became a yeller….I was saying that our country needs less cars and people……she put her hand on my arm and said….”This population is the reason that we have someone cleaning our toilets and home, driving our car, cooking our food and being grateful for a job!!”…..Mumma could see the good in everyone and make a bad situation a wonderful experience….we talked to each other after that and forgot about the sea of metallic monsters all around us…..

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