True love-beyond a lifetime

A real life story of Love …
They walked in, he was tall and still handsome , she was a frail little lady…..
He said… Doctor , please do whatever you have to for my wife ….
I operated on her eyes, she was happy with the result, he was the one she turned to look at first…..
He was operated on by me later…
There was an intense and beautiful bond between this couple in their 70’s….
This was 2 decades ago…..
A middle aged lady came to tell me her parents were close to me, he had passed…….
One week before he passed away, he told his wife of 60plus years he was leaving ….
He took her to the bank , showed her how to use the joint account….
On the day, he called his children, said he was leaving, told them to go home ……
He passed away, in a suit, peacefully when he was alone with her……
She waits to join him…..,,
There is something called love , if we get to experience this wonderful emotion in its full intensity and depth , we don’t need glitz n glamour…..
Happy loving 😊


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