Unexplored paradise-Himalayas, India

I do understand that the term ‘Himalayas,India’, is, at best, undefined and non-specific. The places I often write about and post pictures of are largely unexplored, far from the creature-comfort-seeking-crowds… and breathtakingly beautiful. The tourists rush to the pilgrimage sites or places that disinterested, wealth seeking tour operators guide them to. The reason that the Himalayan heaven is still a haven is because no plane can land on the untouched mountains, no hotels can be constructed on land that can only be accessed on foot…thus no disfiguring hoardings make it there, no unsightly polythene bags or containers are tossed into the wild rose bushes. Most of the places we went to remain a secret, a treasure trove we cherish and keep to ourselves……a shared secret among nature lovers who do not travel simply to broadcast their daily activities to the world…..


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