Unsung hero

She stands in a thin sari, with a smile on her face, an air of positivity about her. She is 81 years of age, has been visiting the hospital for over 20 years, due to various ailments, some of them are not treatable. Instead of moping, she gathers the aged ‘single women’ around her…the widowed and the abandoned alike. She gives them courage, brings them with her and helps them to get themselves examined and get tested, as advised by the doctors. She says she will do this till she is able to walk, her mobility maybe restricted due to arthritis, her spirit is still free…..God bless her and those she helps, always without any complaints and with her signature smile. She has recently prevented a girl below 21 from being forced to marry, as the girl was keen to pursue her studies for another couple of years. The only thing she fears is being bed-ridden, may that never happen to a person who has always been there for others around her.


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