Untold, unseen, unheard….Women are not Punching bags

What do we do when we hear the neighbour yelling at his better half??? Most of us pretend it is not happening…others feel we have enough problems of our own. In most cases, the person being assaulted or abused is terrified and has nowhere to go…..and protects the abuser. Children or peer pressure are an important consideration for most abused women, as much as the lack of economic independence. What can each of us do??? 

  1. The ‘Mourning’ at the birth of a girl child has to discontinue…..how often have we seen ‘educated’ people get abortions after illegally determining the sex of an unborn child??? how often do we see families with two daughters…who have a male addition to the family after several years?? Each to his/ her own as long as they do not discriminate between the girl and boy child. 
  2. Make daughters financially independent…..each human being needs to fend for themselves or be secure financially…whether it’s through a vocation or profession or a share in the parents property.
  3. Educate the child….girl and boy ….both need to respect other human beings and animals. 
  4. Ensure a strict Non-violence policy at home..lead by example.
  5. Avoid exposure to excess violence in movies or video games…studies have shown that children who watch these movies or play these games are more susceptible to indulge in violence….good luck with this one…there are very few movies or games without violence!!!
  6. Form groups in housing complexes who can be approached by women who suffer….at least half of the members in these groups should be women…if any women who have previously suffered violence and are now out of the vicious cycle are included, it would be a great help.
  7. Ultimately, laws and our attitude have to change towards women and men in society…..broken families are looked down upon, while broken bones are ignored, hence accepted by default………
  8. Each of us can support and defend those who what to get out of abusive relationships.
  9. The parents should support their daughters and even encourage them to walk out of abusive situations. Most often the parents of the girl tell the girl to ‘accept her fate’.
  10. The children are happier when the woman walks out ……
  11. People do not change…do not expect abusers to stop abusing……
  12. Ostracize the abuser, not the abused……                                                                                       Stop abuse….educate your sons and daughters, tell them its unacceptable, inhuman and a crime…..do not accept it or allow it in your home or your neighbourhood or country….listen to the whispers in the dark….someone is waiting for you to change..or save their life………..IMG_4565 

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