Veggie-vores family holiday lunch

Our family loves to eat….we are generally veggie-vores …..anything that is a a vegetable makes it to our table….the family like a simple lunch of a rice pulao with seasonal vegetables, a green coriander, garlic, green chili, roasted cumin and lime chutney, a fresh tomato chutney with green chili….and plenty of yoghurt and roasted papad and fresh green salad and buttermilk(the last two did not make it to the picture)…..some pork sneaked its way onto the table….which 2 people of the 3 generations ate and enjoyed……happy family time…..FYI…I just coined another useless term…veggievore :)…the important thing is to let everyone enjoy what they want to eat, at a family meal it is more about the laughter and conversation…..and making time for each other and making a memory…

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