Vital statistics assessors

The New Age BMI, BMR, weight, height and girth assessment experts are…………

  • Sales people in the garment stores!!!!!
  • Security personnel at airport who frisk us!!!!

I got the sweet confirmation of a reduced circumference when I walked into the stores I’m familiar with….I like to buy something new before a flight….yes, I’m getting on a plane tomorrow…’my true love for to see’……..Anyway, the sales girls and boys looked intently at the parts of me which were the areas of interest according to the clothes I was taking to the trial room…..they guessed the newly reduced size accurately!!!! 

In fact, these were generally the same people who had recommended a size larger than they were now suggesting 2 months ago when I bought the same stuff!!!!! They were accurate down to the decimal points!!!! 

I look forward to my monthly physical and biometric examination by the lady at the airport tomorrow morning…..all the people who assess us are polite and experienced…..I have a new-found respect for them…….yes, I came home and ate a milk chocolate……and actually ate half of it, before discarding the other half….this is a first for me!!!

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