Wahba crater, Saudi Arabia

Also known as Al Waba or Wahba crater, this is a natural wonder which is well worth a visit. Of course, it is a well kept secret in a land full of natural treasures. There are co-ordinates available on the internet if you do gain entry to KSA. The road is good, the maximum distance is covered on a highway, which runs from Riyadh to Taif. It is a protected site, and is away from habitation, which ensures the lack of crowds. Nothing prepares you for the landscape of black, low lying mountains along the side of the road, along with short, prehistoric looking trees. There is a board to announce that you are approaching the crater. IMG_9306 IMG_9128 IMG_9138 IMG_9145 IMG_9147 IMG_9148 IMG_9149 IMG_9152 IMG_9155 IMG_9194 IMG_9207 IMG_9210 IMG_9212 IMG_9220 IMG_9253 IMG_9263

All of a sudden, the road goes up, only to stop abruptly just before the crater. Luckily, there are a few metallic rods jutting out at the end of the road to prevent you form going over the edge of the crater. While there, you will get excellent phone and internet connectivity, make sure you show the crater to family living far away. Sharing this incredible sight makes it a more pleasurable experience. It is postulated that underground volcanic eruptions led tot the formation of this crater. The base is about 270 meters down, and the diameter of the crater is over 2 kms!!!!!! There is a fascinating pattern at the base, due to sodium phosphate crystals. Do not forget to search for the tiny peridot and obsidian crystals, which are scattered around the top of the crater…I have a collection of them which I cherish as it brings back the memory of looking for them with my family……..

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