Arguably one of the best ‘live’ foods known to man, it is simple to grow and consume in the form of a juice. In a flower pot (or several pots), wheat grains are strewn randomly, close to each other.

The grains are covered with a small quantity of loose soil and watered twice a day. Within 3-4 days, the shoots are ready to be cut off 2 inches from the base, to be made into a juice. A dash of lime and a pinch of rock salt ensures great taste and health.

  1. Wheat grain with soil in an earthen pot

Wheat Grains

  1. Wheat grass fully grown after 4 days



  1. Shoots of wheat grass cut, put in a mixer

Cut shoots of Wheatgrass in the mixer

  1. Wheat grass juice with water and lime


  1. Strained wheat grass juice, ready to drink

Health and Taste

The shoots regrow and can continue to be harvested over a period of 3 weeks. Even if this does not benefit you, there’s no way it can harm you. Give it a try!

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