When it is time to end a relationship???

Some people are like Crabs, pulling you down. Move on…

When do you know it’s time to let go, before you hurt yourself or waste any more time? Life does come with an exit date! Here are some pointers….

  1. If you are the only one who has called for the last 10 times…
  2. If you are the one who has visited the last 10 times, it’s over…
  3. If they cut short most conversations with “I gotta go”, and do not call back later, let them go forever…
  4. When they turn their back to you at social events to talk to others….
  5. When you keep texting without a reply, stop….
  6. When they look only at others passing by while you are with them…..
  7. When you share your life and its secrets, and get nothing in return……
  8. When they look at you disapprovingly all the time….
  9. When they stop listening and say “what?” when asked a question…..’Pardon’ is even more distant than ‘what’ !!!!
  10. When they smile only at their phone and text others when they are with you…..                                 DSC_0312
  11. Some people are like crabs…they may be your colleagues, partners, friends, relatives or siblings….If they behave like they are doing you a favor by being with you, or talking to you, or spending time with you, they pull you down….walk out, and do not look back….Life is short, we never know when we are going to exit, enjoy the time that is left by being with yourself and those who appreciate you.
  12. Too often we follow those who do not care about us, while we ignore those who gaze lovingly at us, unconditionally supporting us and ready to help, while giving us advice and an honest opinion when asked. Treasure them and hang on to them before they tire of you and leave. Stop being a fan or a follower….
  13. Be happy, you are special, though there is always scope for improvement, nobody knows you better than you. Be kind to yourself, keep learning something every day, smile often. Be with those who laugh with you, get rid of the pseudos and psychos….it’s better to be on your own than with constantly unappreciative people.
  14. Do NOT consider friendships on social media as real, enjoy them while realising they are not the ones who will wipe your tears, blood, or mucus..if need be. Do not chat intimately with strangers, or pour your heart out ( texts, pictures and conversations can be saved on all media and used against you later).
  15. On social media, write and post whatever you can admit to, on international television…:) Block those who are over-appreciative or saccharine sweet 24/7…nobody is that good to deserve adulation incessantly….snap ties with those who want to meet you ‘alone’…….Cheers, enjoy life while it lasts…

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