When the child comes come from University….

No matter how tall or knowledgeable he will ever become, he will always be your child……meant to be cherished, reprimanded when required, pampered…………….

Be grateful he chooses to be with you in his leisure time, it’s the best way he can appreciate you…

Make memories, focus on him, enjoy the moments together

Do what he wants, do what you want, make it enjoyable

Teenagers have a unique quality..they ‘switch off’ when you lecture to them , but get alert when you tell them how you goofed up in your life, and take lessons from your blunders without realizing it !!!!!

Smile, hug, joke, eat, dance, interact………..each moment will eventually be locked into your heart and mind forever, make sure it’s the memories you all want.

Relax, you are doing something amazing….if he returns to you and wants to spend time with you, Remember studies and the curriculum are tough, he is sleep deprived, underfed and a teen…….connect, have fun, life is too short to deliver sermons to the one you treasure the most……

Do not tell him how to ‘manage his time’…he’s doing that

No discussions about his friends….he will tell you if he wants to, on his own.

No waking him up….he is at home, the only place in the world where he can be a brat and still be loved………24371_1305597891522_2311844_n 24371_1307351935372_8240797_n 10679799_10204297233782477_1644730278363829242_o 10688289_10204297237622573_2756253990243135028_o (1)


Remember…he is your child, and always will be, let him live his life, be there if he needs you….make your home a place he will rush to, because he wants to…..

And yes, you can yell at him (in jest)  and annoy him…he expects it 🙂

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