Where exotic butterflies perch on you..Butterfly Sanctuary, Ontario, Canada

With over 2,000 species of butterflies from all over the world, the Butterfly Sanctuary in Ontario, Canada is ideally located near a Botanical garden and Niagara falls. The package given to tourists includes a visit to all these breath-taking sites in one day. A documentary is shown to prepare you for the wondrous sight within the sanctuary, but can anything prepare you for the tropical forest within, with amazing flora and fauna and butterflies of all shapes, colours and sizes flying all around you? A slice of heaven? A fantasy land? A Fairy tale? call it what you want…………There are bridges, beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees which compete with the flying beauties for your attention..it is said that if a butterfly perches on you, it brings good luck. Of course, they perched in plenty on my husband and son..finally I had to get my husband’s white handkerchief…..and lo and behold, they sat on me too….is it the male pheromones ? did my perfume shoo them away ? I’m glad we all felt lucky 🙂IMG_1860IMG_1916IMG_1864IMG_1861IMG_1866IMG_1868IMG_1863IMG_1902IMG_1901IMG_1905IMG_1913IMG_1899IMG_1890IMG_1876IMG_1875IMG_1904IMG_1906IMG_1862

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