Widow’s home-hand loom shawls

Death does not discriminate between the young and old, the rich and poor, the beautiful and ugly………..discrimination is something that the women who have lost their husbands have to deal with, when friendly faces transform into monstrous ones, when their dignity and existence are threatened. The children who were once adored are now abhorred by all but the mother who clings to them, protects and nurtures them. A home for widows is  not a venture many would undertake, there is no money or glamour associated with it. There exists such a home in Manipur where widows of all ages, irrespective of caste or creed are accepted, and welcomed. They are taught to make exquisite handmade woolen shawls. These are sold in the market at a fair price shop. The women regain a purpose and respect and are able to fund for their children’s education. Salute to the ladies who run this home…..

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