Withered, wonderful—undercover

As the body withers, the human using it  incorporates the experiences of having survived storms and trials, of uninhibited joy, passion and the freedom of spirit. As the person concentrates less on physical attributes, and loves their own skin unconditionally, thankful for having survived and thrived …..the true appreciation for other beings begins.

The physical self is vital, we are conditioned to respond to it….with time, it is not the most important factor in an interaction….though we each have a blueprint of how much withering and imperfection we can love/ tolerate in another…..body odour being a very important part of it……some of us gag and become nauseous due to a particular fetid odour..that is something I can never overcome…unless anosmia strikes !!!!

One gets to recognise the slick, creepy, well-practiced flirtation, borrowed-from-literature-meaningful quotes and sense of humour…. and disguised sophisticated lechery that comes from years of using people…and not flinch, one just shrugs and walks away without a response. At a younger age and stage, one could become a victim of a relationship that could destroy the spirit for a while, not when one has seen several seasons and reasons!! The connection with the deeper consciousness of another is what elevates, levitates…..and liberates…..and makes the experience of knowing another, with the cover they wear and without……heavenly. 

While the self-proclaimed forever-young are looking down upon the presumed-beyond-the hill–…the withered have won……..Before you call an ‘aged’ person Uncle, Aunty, Sir or Ma’am……look into their eyes and see the naughty twinkle while they dismiss you as unworthy of a reaction….Cheers to living long and strong, while we can…..hold off the botox and plastic surgery…..your spleen and pancreas are ageing irreversibly….enjoy the value of the years spent on this planet….not all are as lucky, to have survived as long….

Relevance of the picture below??? is anything I write or say ever relevant??? the pic shows the stages of life…..the bud, the flower and the withered flower……

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