Women, stop whining

Dear women, please focus on the larger issues..you are worth so much more than whining about the small stuff….Please do not complain if…

  • The toilet seat is up (it means he was considerate enough to not soil it)
  • The toothpaste is squeezed ‘irregularly’
  • He answers your questions like…’am I fat? Do I look good in this?’..there is no correct answer/ tone in which the reply comes…stop asking !!
  • He loves his mother….if he did not love the person who brought him into this world….why would he love anyone else, ever?
  • He snores…find a cure!! give it time, you will probably snore too!!
  • He forgets your birthday/ anniversary…..earn enough to treat him and yourself…….
  • He doesn’t open the car door!!why would you want him to? do you not believe in equality? wake up, which century are you living in???

There are enough larger issues….that will be covered in another blog. Be the best that you can be, treat him like you would want him to treat you…why celebrate one day? celebrate every day that you are together…life is transient…roses come with thorns!


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