Words- deadly weapon or Cupid’s arrow

  • Words can be a deadly weapon or Cupid’s arrow.
  • Make sure you choose wisely and please or hurt intentionally!
  • Use words whichever way you want…..decide if you value the person and relationship enough to tread lightly….if you are really lucky, you can say what you want, without editing/ filters…and accept it from the significant other.
  • You need people who are brutally honest with you and expect that from you, Since everyone is not that lucky, here is how you can tread lightly ……
  • When a person could say….your hair is so thin and wavy, it’s unmanageable, if they are wise they will say…..Your hair is soft like a baby’s and naturally styled.
  • Instead of telling someone they look terrible in an outfit, you could tell them that they look better in other clothes.
  • Instead of saying ..you are becoming overweight….you could say….let’s start working out together.
  • Instead of telling someone they have ugly feet, you could tell them that a beautiful bird like a peacock has feet that don’t match it’s beauty.
  • You could but them a deodorant and perfume instead of telling them they stink…..I do not agree with this one! Hygiene people!!!! you need to clean, bathe, put on fresh clothes……
  • You could choose television shows and movies together instead of telling the other they watch ****

If you have the luxury of separate closets, washrooms and cars……your relationship can not be harmed…say whatever you want!!! just make sure you compliment more than you criticize!

PS….please customize your words to your own and your partner’s needs….do not listen to anyone 🙂 

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