Yoga can heal and harm

Everybody is an expert on yoga today….Happy International Yoga day. Yoga is for healing and works wonders. It is human beings who modify, distort the poses or overenthusiastic teachers who can make non-fit pupils engage in over strenuous and difficult poses, which can harm them. Yoga is 99.999999% beneficial, if you have a trained instructor. Some asanas can hurt you. For instance:

  • If you have a disc prolapse or a back problem, bending to touch your toes without strengthening your para-spinal muscles can be dangerous.
  • A head stand can increase the intra-ocular pressure, which can harm a patient of glaucoma. How many instructors ask about that ? what about yet-to-be diagnosed cases?
  • Strain on the knees should be avoided by those with knee problems.
  • Do not join mixed age groups with varying levels of fitness. new
  • Consult your physician before starting
  • Know your ‘weak areas’
  • Strengthen muscles required before assuming poses than can harm you
  • Everyone needs a tailor made regime
  • Choose a teacher who doesn’t charge money ( as far as possible), yes there are people available like that….our grandparents, who practiced yoga and passed it on to us, used to say “the special quality that can be passed on leaves as soon as money changes hands”. If you pay, let it be a session just for you.
  • Strains, muscle and ligament injuries, even paralysis have been reported with yoga

Enjoy the best exercise in the world-with caution. It can work wonders for you, but you may need different asanas specifically for you.  In the picture above, most yoga experts will find a 1000000 mistakes!!! Get a basic knowledge of the human anatomy, muscles, joints and nerves, make it ‘Age-Appropriate’. 

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